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Feature Film Animation

Are you looking to develop a feature film, Nottage Productions is experienced in producing animated films and can take an idea from concept to reality


App Development

Are you looking for an app for iOS, Android or the desktop, we can produce interactive animations and applications for a variety of uses...

Corporate Animation

Are you an individual or corporate client looking for an animation or presentation which is designed to showcase a product or service, we can help...

TV and Commercials

Are you looking to develop a TV series or do you require a TV commercial or TV Special, Nottage Productions can help you, contact us today

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

Walt Disney

Welcome to Nottage Productions

Film, TV & Corporate Animation

Nottage Productions is one of the UK's only Production companies dedicated to producing high end animation for Feature films, Television, Corprorate clients and individuals - we work with some of the very best directors, cast, crew and studios to produce the highest quality animation to fit within a clients budget and schedule, whether you are looking for a small animation to showcase a product or service and only have a budget of a few hundred pounds, or if you are looking to develop or produce a TV series or feature film, Nottage Productions can help you, to find out what locations we cover click here

Visit our portfolio section to view some of our work or contact us today to discuss your requirements - to find out some more about how we work click here...

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