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About Nottage Productions Animation Studio

Nottage Productions was established by Producer Tony Nottage in 2013 after the success of his first feature film, Saving Santa, starring Martin Freeman, Tim Curry and Joan Collins.  Nottage Productions produces high end animation for corporate clients, TV commercials, TV Series, one off specials and Feature films.  We based just outside London and produce a variety of animations for major clients around the world.

Nottage Productions produces high quality animations at affordable budgets, whether you are an individual or small business looking for an animation to showcase a product or service, a musician looking for a music video or a larger business or producer looking for TV commercials, TV series or feature films.  Although we produce a great deal of character driven animation, we also have an extensive background in retail, architectural, product and corporate design and animation, no project is too small and we are happy to work with you to find a style that fits within your budget and timescale.

Animation Production...

For smaller projects, such as corporate productions and visualizations, we have a high end, in house, render farm and can handle projects from a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands of pounds - for large scale productions such as TV series and feature films we will work with you to develop a production pack, finance plan, budget and schedule specific to the production, we have connections with the worlds leading agencies and can bring in some of the best writers, directors, cast and crew.  We also have connections with some of the leading media solicitors, financiers and distributors.

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